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Manpower Recruitment Service


As a store house of the largest manpower, India has the capability of utilizing its human resources to the full. The employers across the globe are looking forward to make use of the efficient and enthusiastic man power from India.

Job Placement Consultants  

As one of the leading job consultants, Global Employment Consultants possesses all the potentialities to select the best of the best professionals for the employers all over the world. The consultants in the organization are skilled enough to spot the right talent for the right jobs. The company has a total data base of over 5 lakh resumes


Overseas Placement Consultants

The staff members have the knowledge of the international industries. The company has excellent data base for international placements  

Domestic Placement Service

Global Employment Consultants helps those who are in search for man power in India . It also aids the job seekers to get the kind of jobs they are searching for. This is the result of the wide network it possesses.  

Employee Assistance Service


The organization provides the candidates with the Perfect Employment Assistance. It tries its best to satisfy both the employer and those who are trying to get employment. Global Employment Consultants believes in mutually beneficial relationships.

Interview process  
Advertising in authorized daily newspapers. Pre -screening of all suitable candidates. Final interview of candidates by the client and trade tests where applicable.  

Medical Check-up


All the selected candidates are sent for medical fitness check-up to the authorized medical centers.

Visa process  

Visa processes of candidates who are medically fit and available for travel only will be adviced to process the visa by clients.

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